‘A lot’ can be a Blessing and a Curse

How many channels do we end up watching from our DTH TV service? 20? And how many did we buy in the first place? Hundreds!

How many clothes from our nicely preserved wardrobe do we end up wearing in a year? 25%?

Whenever we go shopping for anything, we are tempted to spend on things we hope to use someday, not realizing that those occasions are few and far between. The case for buying training content is somewhat similar, where the tendency to go on a ‘volume shopping’ spree is quite common. ‘More the merrier’ rarely works when it comes to content, usually leading to ‘information overload’ or ‘decision paralysis’ from having to pick from too many choices.

When we meet prospective customers for ‘iDev Blend’, our blended development journeys, we try to help them realize that it’s all about quality, not quantity. A few, but relevant, personalized pieces of the content post the workshops can be a blessing and see interest from the employees. A lot of unfocused content can be a curse, making your employees feel like ‘things were a lot better back when actually things were a lot worse’. The world has moved to the focused curation of content to ensure adoption.

With iDev Blend, we have seen great adoption rates (65-80%) when we send just one, focused and intelligently curated piece of action learning content every other day. The survey run as part of the People Capital Index study reveals that 66% of learners identify lack of ready-to-implement tips and relevant content as the biggest challenge in their learning journey.

Next time, ask your development journey partner, what percentage of adoption can you demonstrate, instead of asking what is the volume of content you have?




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