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Organizational Development Solutions

Competency Modelling and Benchmarking Solutions

One of the key challenges faced by HR leaders in today’s world not only includes assisting the business with effective workforce but also developing the talent in a structured manner. A well modelled competency framework provides a DNA to the organization in terms of structuring the expectation and boosting the productivity and structured career progression. Jombay’s competency modeling practice considers business needs and expectations as an outline of the design anchored to the cardinal framework. Jombay’s ‘Cardinal Framework’ maps an organization’s current and future requirements  to 5 competency anchors ‘Business Competencies, Individual Growth Competencies, People Competencies, Operational Competencies and Customer Competencies’ (BIPOC).

Step 1: Understanding Business Requirements and mapping it to the Cardinal

Step 2: Design Competency

Step 3: Stakeholder Discussions, Framework Validation and Familiarization

Step 4: Structuring people processes anchored to the competency framework

  • Building the capability of the workforce and drawing employee focus around areas that are critical for individual and organizational success
  • Integrating various People Management systems like  Recruitment, Training, Performance and Career Management on a uniform platform
  • Helping organization build and drive an integrated culture

High Performance Enablement

A high performing team is core to any successful organization. Hence it is a constant quest of the human resource team to boost organizational performance by enabling superior performance for each employee. Jombay’s high performance enablement process outlines the broader vision and expectations and translates those into measurable performance criteria for the employees. An easily relatable performance criteria induces aspiration to achieve and observes increased acceptance to develop and evolve with the changing demand of time. An organization with a culture of high performance and success generates collective zeal to achieve greater vision.

Step 1: Understanding business context and organizational expectations

Step 2: Analyzing and defining success profiles across roles and levels

Step 3: Designing a solution to bridge the gap between organizational expectations and individual capabilities through experiential workshops and on-the-job action learning

Step 4: Empower managers to drive high performance through personalized, engaging and sustainable development journeys. These development journeys will equip managers to effectively set goals, manage performance conversations, avoid rating biases, leading, developing and coaching the team members.

Step 5: Analyse the impact periodically through detailed

  • Building a culture of success
  • Unique blend of experiential workshops and on-the-go micro learning activities, supported
  • Structuring a sustainable performance management system linked to the organizational vision

Happiness and Productivity Accelerator

The modern workplace is a fast paced environment where employees from multiple generations and backgrounds collaborate to achieve organizational objectives. With the confluence of demographics, skills and expertise, it has become increasingly critical that employers not only have a real-time understanding of how their employees are doing and feeling, but also possess insights into how they can accelerate productivity and improve happiness.

Jombay’s extensive research based on conversations with 120 people managers has indicated that happiness and productivity go hand in hand. As a result, our philosophy is to provide critical insights into your employees’ performance and mood, and accelerate both across the organization.

Jombay’s chatbot, Echo, provides a platform on which organizations can capture happiness and productivity data about their employees

Step 1: Conversations with key stakeholders to gain insight into factors contributing to productivity, and possibly reasons for happiness to be hampered, including work or non-work related.

Step 2: Deploying the Echo chat bot to capture real-time data about employee happiness and productivity. You can use Jombay’s editorial questionnaire or create your own custom questionnaire

Step 3: Data can be collected at predetermined intervals (eg. daily, weekly, monthly)

Step 4: Use the Echo Analytics Dashboard to gain insight into critical improvement areas in order to accelerate productivity and happiness. Analytics dashboard offers to view happiness and productivity index of the organization in different cuts – from manager level, to locations, to business units

  • The Echo Chatbot’s user-friendly experience and conversational nature helps it capture honest and authentic responses from your employees
  • By tapping into your organization’s collective genius, Echo drives engagement and elicits continuous feedback. With its intelligent analytics dashboard, Echo provides key insights about how individuals, teams, and business units are feeling, if there are people at risk and how their productivity measures, providing real-time actionables to your organization
  • Echo is a platform, that enables managers to continuously engage with their people, and help improve performance of the team, that collectively drives employee engagement, happiness, and productivity thus impacting the business positively