You are being watched

Last weekend I met a friend whose family had sought the services of a detective to watch over her brother-in-law. At a mere cost of 25K, minute-by-minute details of seven days including pictures and call records were delivered.

This is the third person I’ve met in the last 1 month who has used the services of a detective. I’m astonished how easy it has become to hire a detective and find out anything about anybody.

While detectives have always been in business to track movements of humans, technology seems to have made it very accessible and affordable. And on top of it, technology is tracking our online or on-field behavior as well. Be it ball tampering, flings on social media, corporate fraud, or anything in between, it’s become easier to track and trace.

Ethical or unethical – we want it or not – technology and connectivity have ensured that someone is watching us all the time – at work or otherwise. Although moral behavior should come from within, the fear of being caught could play an important deterrent for humans indulging in unethical behavior.

Let’s play it straight and sleep peacefully 🙂 What say?




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