We stay with our parents

“Your parents stay with you guys?” I asked one of our business partners over dinner.  “No. we stay with my parents” he replied with pride. He was so proud to say that his parents shifted from middle east to spend time with his kids and he loves to say that he lives with his parents and not the other way round. His gratitude, affection and willingness to give credit to people who have made sacrifices to keep him happy and help him succeed was infectious.

I personally got reminded of my first manager ever whom I thought I haven’t given as much credit for my growth. He is the man who gave me my first break at Stanford University. I reached out to him right away!

There are so many occasions at the workplace and in our career when we need to give credit where it’s due. Sometimes we are too measured in our appreciation, in giving credit, all in the quest to be cool ourselves. One upmanship isn’t really needed as much!

Acknowledge and appreciate people who have made you happen – your first bosses, your first break, your partners and of course your parents – there’s no self made man or woman in this world! We are a sum of a lot of people who have helped us become who we are.

Reach out to them today if you already haven’t! God bless!



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