Show and Tell doesn’t seem to work

When Southwest flight 380 took off from LaGuardia airport in the US on April 17th, flight attendants took all the passengers through the usual safety procedures. Among the many things that went wrong on the flight, investigations revealed that some passengers didn’t place oxygen masks over both their mouth and nose after engine fragments broke a window on the plane at more than 30,000 feet. This unfortunate incident on Southwest Airlines flight showed that passengers were unprepared for emergencies despite regular safety briefings by the airline.

This is another reminder that people don’t learn and retain anything by just showing and telling them. We need to build environments where we can ‘show’, ‘tell’, and then reinforce by helping people ‘do or practice’ what they have learned.

But what if we have all the reinforcement software and learning systems for action/on-job learning and nobody uses them?

With iDev Blend development journeys, we have successfully leveraged community managers (a trained Instructional Designer and a marketing specialist) and the latest community management, curation and marketing techniques to engage and nudge the learners to participate in the development journeys. The community manager also aligns iDev Blend to the LMS of our customers and helps in improving overall adoption of both the systems. In fact, we recently implemented a full integration including single sign-on with a leading LMS, and saw both, iDev and the LMS worked seamlessly – providing our customers best of both the worlds.

If you are having issues with getting adoption on your LMS or LES or any learning system, do reach out to us. Our engagement consultants could help you understand how you can drive adoption and participation for your existing learning systems. That way you will be able to reap ROI on your existing investments.



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