Losing the battle of Smartness…

This is mine and Suruchi’s pledge for the New Year’s…

With every passing year, most of us look out for a new resolution to follow. But a true mentor continues to give you a recurring dose of the good old values, to follow every single year!

“Hard work, Perseverance, and People skills is a game one should attempt to win. Because while one may think smartness is their competency, it is almost impossible to win the smartness game! There are too many smart people around the world but you will find that the few who are making a mark are the ones who are persistently working hard and moving forward by taking people together!”

That’s the dose that we got from the leader who leads us from behind – Nickhil Jakatdar, CEO of Vuclip! (Nickhil is a Silicon Valley Serial Entrepreneur; he’s a Billionaire with 4 successful companies to his credit; he’s also the founding board member of Jombay).

So this and every other new year, Mohit and I pledge to Nickhil to continue playing and evangelizing the hard work-perseverance-people inclusion game. Thank you Nickhil!

On this New Years, remember the one who has led you from behind and the values you got from them!



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