Learn, Practice, Teach

It’s a season of summer camps, and there are several sprouting across the city. Even we have got our older son enrolled in one of them. Last week, he excitedly told us about getting a chance to learn skating. Today he walked in and said, “You know what Paa, next year when I have practiced enough, and when my younger brother joins the camp, I will teach him how to skate.”

Bang on! In a simple sentence, he articulated the meaning of learning. Learning is about – Awareness or Understanding the Concept (10%) + Practice or Application (70%) + Paying it forward or Teaching (20%)!

And that’s what Jombay’s iDev Blend does to any development initiative. We get learners to learn/understand the concept (through 10% – workshops), engage them to apply/practice on an ongoing basis (70%), and reward them to teach their peers (20%) through their success stories and expertise. Yes, we plan the practice (70%) right as we plan the learn (10%). And our digital platform naturally blends the teach (20%).

70% needs a lot of heavy lifting, and 20% can happen if learners get the opportunity to teach one another. Don’t leave the 70 and 20 to chance. Time to do the #iDevBlend.



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