Hotstar vs. Cable TV – Bend to this Blend

‘Hotstar sees 5.5 million peak concurrent viewers for CSK vs KKR match’ read the headline last week.

Hotstar has reimagined sports viewership by an on-demand model with gamified social interactions, that make the experience more immersive.

When I asked my colleagues who are Hotstar fans, the most common reasons for loving the experience:

  • On-demand, on-the-go
  • No dependency on weather conditions (cable TV has issues in monsoons)
  • You can watch highlights or any special moments of the game anytime you want (no more fighting for the remote)
  • Virtual engagement with the community; can’t afford to gather up at someone’s place for every match

This is a dynamic / 180-degree shift in the way cricket was being followed 10 years ago where TV was the primary medium and digital/internet was used for following scores or commentary when access to TV was not there.

This has many parallels with how Blended learning needs to evolve. It was once defined as “Supplementing formal learning events with additional materials, before and after a programme.” This was a time when technology was not as ubiquitous/universal, people were not well connected and had a lot more patience!

The world has moved on since then. Our employees are hyper-connected, we are on the go, we want practical solutions; instant gratification is a basic expectation!

The time has come to blend learning meaningfully into our work lives. Learning needs to be primarily on-the-job (70% of 70-20-10)! And workshops and webinars need to be supplemented around it. Gone are the days where only focus was on the 10% (workshops), and 70% (on-the-job learning) is left to destiny. Both will have to be planned and executed hand-in-hand.

We will have to direct and choreograph this on-the-job learning process for both the Managers and the employees!

Blend has blended itself into a new Blend! The new blend blends into an employee’s work-life, keeping the employee at the center and blends everything around it, including workshops. Let’s bend to this blend 🙂



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