Explain the business to your Grandma

“What do you do?”

“We do Talent Transformation.”

“Okay if you were to cut the jargons, what would you say?”

I said, “We do Talent Development & Capability Building.” 

A bit miffed, she asked me, “If you were to explain your business to your grandmother – what would you say?” This was a potential candidate we were evaluating for a senior leadership role at Jombay.

“We do habit formation!” I said. 

And then I explained to her – cultural transformation, competency development, change management, talent transformation, learning & development, or behavioral development – at the end – all this boils down to habit formation. How can you nudge a person to do something, again and again in an interesting format, till it becomes a habit?

If you can get someone to do a certain thing say 21 times on a certain aspect or behaviors, there’s a high chance that it becomes a habit.

During our conversations with customers evaluating our iDev Development journeys, we tell them one simple thing – while you decide on a Talent development programs or evaluate ROI, see if it has enabled habit formation!

And how sustainable and measurable are those habits?

Today a marriage of Technology, Behavioral Science and Habit formation techniques allow you to develop talent in a sustainable and measurable manner! Leverage that.




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