Because Fit Fathers are better than Rich Fathers

Me: (Curiously) What’s the average age of your clients?

Personal Trainer: In the range of 38-45 years.

Me: Really? I thought it would be more like 25-32 year old.

Personal Trainer: People join and continue with the gym only when there’s a realization of the need. Unfortunately, it’s usually diabetes, blood pressure issues or chronic physical ailments that push people to hit the gym, take up yoga or for that matter, any kind of fitness regime. And health takes a toll typically as you close in towards 40.

This father’s day it is my earnest request to all parents out there – fathers and mothers, to take fitness seriously. No matter you are 30 or 40 or 50 – our children need us healthier, physically as well as mentally.

Work hard, workout harder; be fair, be kind. Set an example! Parents are the first heroes for children. Let’s live up to the image in the real sense. A 45-mins work-out every day is all that it takes!

Success is in big things, happiness is in small things! Gift this happiness to your children and to yourselves.



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