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HiVE – Assessment Center

Jombay’s HiVE Assessment Center platform is a one-stop aggregation solution for conducting Talent Assessment Centers. Jombay’s approach to conducting assessment centers is based on 4 principles:


    • Jombay’s HiVE platform includes digital simulated (Close to real life experiences) and in-person tools
    • Logistically effective
    • Allows nominating a bigger pool of candidates


    • Engaging and fulfilling candidate experience
    • Supported with demo links and walk through videos to support the candidate’s assessment journey
    • Online tools accommodate convenience of the candidate


    • Statistically analyzed and benchmarked against industry standards
    • Validity and reliability of tools well established


    • Customized to the Customer’s Competency framework including tools, and depth of the assessments

Virtual Assessment Center

Jombay is a pioneer in Virtual Assessment Centers. Armed with a diverse set of online tools which include behavioral assessments, cognitive assessments, situational judgment tests, case study platform, and experiential simulations, Jombay VACs are comprehensive, standardized, scalable, less time consuming and customizable to an organization’s framework.

Hybrid Assessment Center

Jombay’s Hybrid Assessment Center is a perfect fusion between assessor-led interventions and online assessments. The HIVE platform integrates scores from all interventions and consolidates the results into a single integrated participant report.

Jombay Hybrid Assessment Centers are customized to an organization’s competency framework to ensure contextualization and relevance.

Face-to-Face Assessment Center

Jombay offers traditional offline face-to-face assessment centers across geographies and levels. With a network of highly qualified and experienced assessors, the Face-to-Face Assessment Centers capture in-depth insights about the candidate’s behavior. HiVE platform expedites report generation without losing on individual insights. The Face-to-Face Assessment Centers are popular at senior leadership levels.

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