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Engagement Solutions

Real-Time Pulse of Employee Happiness and Engagement

The landscape of our workplaces is rapidly changing. With the distributed workforce, constantly evolving working styles, young managers on the floor, and the fast paced business environment, a lot happens during a single day as compared to what it was a few decades back. Also, right from millennials to baby boomers, today’s workforce is diverse in age, backgrounds, and thinking, making it an interesting multi-fold that has both benefits and cautions to look out for.

Jombay’s research and findings from conversations with people managers from over 120 companies across sectors, suggest the need to have a real-time tab on how their team members and employees at large are feeling, and doing. Jombay’s philosophy is to enable managers to be able to engage and lead their people by providing on-the-go, real-time updates on how their team members are doing.

Jombay’s methodology of capturing the happiness is to enable employees of an organization to interact with Jombay’s Chatbot Echo, and tell it about their mood and how they are feeling. Jombay’s chat bot asks questions to employees based on their tenure.

The conversational nature of the interaction with Echo Chatbot, makes the experience friendly, and engaging. The platform acts as a Happiness assistant in order to capture honest responses of employees.

The analytics dashboard gives the HR team a sense of which teams, locations, business units, are doing well, and who are the ones not feeling very happy. Echo’s inbuilt algorithm flashes a list of people who need attention, and possibly even those who are at the risk of attrition. It also suggests actions that could be taken to resolve issues and increase engagement.

Productivity and Performance Check-ins

In a fast moving VUCA world of today, where contexts, content, and benchmarks keep evolving, annual performance conversations are fast becoming meaningless and irrelevant. They usually lack purpose and clarity and do not completely capture the contextual elements of the entire year. In fact, it only acts as the performance verdict conversation than a performance enabler conversation.

Jombay’s productivity and performance check-in platform solves for this age old problem of once a year performance conversation with the managers, by enabling employees to be able to communicate with their managers on a monthly basis. These check-ins focus on how the employee’s work has been going, and where the manager could help to enable performance. The regularity of these check-ins gives the manager a chance to evaluate performance at frequent intervals, at the same time provide timely guidance and hence work on continuous improvement of the team performance.

Step 1: Gain insight about what is going well and what can be improved

Step 2: Based on employee inputs, chart how managers and team members can assist employees

Step 3: Conclude by giving a productivity rating to the employee during each check-in

Step 4: Take action based on identified improvement and strengthening areas

Empowers managers to be able to engage, and lead their teams in a continuous manner. This drives significant improvement in the manager-employee relationship, and resolves for issues that largely could go unnoticed or unresolved for the longest amount of time.