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Because Fit Fathers are better than Rich Fathers

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Me: (Curiously) What’s the average age of your clients? Personal Trainer: In the range of 38-45 years. Me: Really? I thought it would be more like 25-32 year old. Personal Trainer: People join and continue with the gym only when there’s a realization of the need. Unfortunately, it’s usually diabetes, blood pressure issues or chronic physical ailments that push people [...]

Explain the business to your Grandma

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“What do you do?” “We do Talent Transformation.” “Okay if you were to cut the jargons, what would you say?” I said, “We do Talent Development & Capability Building.”  A bit miffed, she asked me, “If you were to explain your business to your grandmother - what would you say?” This was a potential candidate we [...]

You are being watched

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Last weekend I met a friend whose family had sought the services of a detective to watch over her brother-in-law. At a mere cost of 25K, minute-by-minute details of seven days including pictures and call records were delivered. This is the third person I’ve met in the last 1 month who has used the services of [...]

‘A lot’ can be a Blessing and a Curse

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How many channels do we end up watching from our DTH TV service? 20? And how many did we buy in the first place? Hundreds! How many clothes from our nicely preserved wardrobe do we end up wearing in a year? 25%? Whenever we go shopping for anything, we are tempted to spend on things we [...]

Hotstar vs. Cable TV – Bend to this Blend

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'Hotstar sees 5.5 million peak concurrent viewers for CSK vs KKR match’ read the headline last week. Hotstar has reimagined sports viewership by an on-demand model with gamified social interactions, that make the experience more immersive. When I asked my colleagues who are Hotstar fans, the most common reasons for loving the experience: On-demand, on-the-go No dependency [...]

Learn, Practice, Teach

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It’s a season of summer camps, and there are several sprouting across the city. Even we have got our older son enrolled in one of them. Last week, he excitedly told us about getting a chance to learn skating. Today he walked in and said, “You know what Paa, next year when I have practiced enough, and [...]

Too smart to invest

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In the world of Venture Financing, there’s a syndrome - ‘too smart to invest’. Some really smart venture investors are able to find flaws in every business plan that they see, making them too risk-averse to actually invest in anything :). Their strength and smartness become a derailer and they are not able to bet on [...]

Show and Tell doesn’t seem to work

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When Southwest flight 380 took off from LaGuardia airport in the US on April 17th, flight attendants took all the passengers through the usual safety procedures. Among the many things that went wrong on the flight, investigations revealed that some passengers didn’t place oxygen masks over both their mouth and nose after engine fragments broke a [...]

Losing the battle of Smartness…

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This is mine and Suruchi's pledge for the New Year's... With every passing year, most of us look out for a new resolution to follow. But a true mentor continues to give you a recurring dose of the good old values, to follow every single year! "Hard work, Perseverance, and People skills is a game one [...]